Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Planning for September 2012!

One of my favorite authors is Edna Buchanan.  She is a former reporter for both the Miami News and the Miami Herald.  As a crime reporter she saw the ugly and the truly weird sides of my home town.  She first published nonfiction accounts of the Miami she saw, then started writing a series of novels about a crime reporter in Miami named Britt Montero.  I love detective books written by women with women as the lead characters.  Buchanan's novels fit the bill perfectly!  I enjoy Britt Montero, swilling the super-strong Cuban coffee, and going toe-to-toe with detectives, City Hall, and Miami criminals.

Edna Buchanan has been chosen for the 2012 Literary Legend Award by the Florida Heritage Book Festival.  She will receive her award in September at the 2012 Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Florida.  I am making plans now to attend!  Jeff Lindsay, author and creator of "Dexter" (the serial-killer-criminologist who also lives in Miami) will be a keynote speaker.  woo-hoo!  A cornucopia of mystery writers!  Well, we'll see...two probably doesn't make a cornucopia...but it's a start!

Here's the article from our local paper containing a telephone interview with Ms. Buchanan:


The Florida Heritage Book Festival is one of my favorite St. Augustine happenings all year.


(still walking - day 7)

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