Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Two

5:15am Alarm/clock radio turns on:  This morning I wake up and realize it's time to get up and walk.  I decide if I don't move then I might be able to ignore the music for a few more minutes.  (The radio is across the room so I can't hit snooze.)
5:20am My backup alarm on my cell phone starts chiming.  Since my cell phone is on the nightstand I simply hit it and it stops.
5:40am Guilt prompts me to get up.
5:42am Finally find the FLB* and tell him we're walking.
5:45am FLB* and I leave for walk (only 3 minutes later than yesterday...yippee for me)
-------- Stop so FLB* can relieve himself
-------- FLB* stops and drops a #2 on the street (REALLY?!  This was pure spite.)
-------- Stop so FLB* can relieve himself
-------- Stop so FLB* can relieve himself (just show-lifts now; he's empty)
-------- Stop so FLB* can relieve himself and he drops yet another #2 but this time in a designated area (yippee for me)
6:05am Back in the house again.  FLB runs and jumps on my unmade bed with his wet paws.  I chase him off.

*FLB Harley my love


  1. Is there a fire hydrant on your walking route?

  2. don't let him relieve himself on anyone's lawn but there are grassy islands in the middle of our little road that are often referred to as "poop islands" because most pet owners let their pets use those islands. Even tho 99% of the pet owners pick up after their pets, no one wants to picnic on those little grassy islands. Last night I brought him to work so I could finish payroll and he dropped a #2 on HISTORIC ST. GEORGE STREET. On the bricks. In front of the HISTORIC INN where I work. I'm starting to think old wine corks could have a second life....